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Vojvodina’s natural riches comprise an abundance of fertile soil which is used for the farming and production of agricultural products that are in constant demand. The founder has recognised the need for continuous production and trade and in 2012, together with a partner, founded Nidel doo. The company is based in Sombor and its main business activity is the trade of cereal grains and oilseeds.

Our commerce is based on respecting agreements and establishing continuous long-term cooperation with agricultural producers, as well as with other business partners with similar activities in our markets. From day one of collaboration, we wish to be a steady and reliable partner for our buyers and for our suppliers, focussed on sustainable business development and a long-term growth, not short-term profit gains.

As a company we strive to create more, in terms of increasing turnover of goods, worker motivation, keeping in line with trends, as well as in motivating our partners to be in step with us.

In 2013 we recognised a particular strength in the area of export and established Nidel Agrar, a limited liability company focused on export. Countries in the region and EU countries continued being the main markets.

In order to be in line with market demands, we further expanded our activities by enabling our suppliers to partner us in production, trade, buyouts, storage and drying of agricultural products. Since 2014, we founded a pig farm, thus expanding activities into animal husbandry. This business has been growing year in and year out.



Nidel Agrar d.o.o.

Venac Živojina Mišića 4


Phone: 064/239-8832

Email: office@nidel.rs



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